NEW '23


200V - 400V ac Servo Drive Systems

200Vac : D3000 - D3027
400Vac : D3010 - D3035

Available to order in 2023

Introducing DX3...
Trio's Cost Optimised Servo Drive:
EtherCAT or Conventional


At A Glance

  • Fully integrated into Motion Perfect
  • Matched with MX motor range
  • Internal drive protection functions
  • Comprehensive tuning technology
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • Electronic nameplate
  • Compact size
  • Zero stacking
  • USB commissioning
  • Keypad interface
  • 200V ac from 50W to 2kW
  • 400V ac from 1kW to 7.5kW
  • 350% overload
  • 2 Touch Probe inputs
  • Preset positions, up to 32 stored positions - Conventional drives only (no Motion Coordinator required)
  • EtherCAT or Conventional (Pulse & Direction, Analogue, CANopen) control

DX3, the single-axis ac servo drive, is designed to create the most cost-effective optimised entry level solution with excellent performance and practical control functions. The Trio DX3 drive is compatible with Trio MX servo motors and Trio's Motion Coordinators to provide high-speed, high-precision, high performance machine solutions.

Download DX3 System Brochure

With a power range from 50W to 7.5kW and options for EtherCAT or Conventional (Pulse & Direction, Analogue and CANopen) control, DX3 will suit a wide variety of machine types.
DX3 is fully integrated into Trio’s application development tool, Motion Perfect, our software environment for system planning, configuration, virtualisation and machine programming.

space Efficient

Space Efficient

Compact single axis servo drive. Zero stacking to save panel space

Integration Efficient

Integration Efficient

Rapid application development of controller and drive configuration within Motion Perfect.

Design Efficient

Design Efficient

One system to program, simplifying development and any future production changes when required.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Developed to be cost optimised, entry level servo drive with either EtherCAT or Pulse/Direction, Analogue and CANopen interfaces.


Your Choice

options for EtherCAT or Conventional control to suit your machine types.

Easy Setup

DX3 comes in power ratings from 50W to 7.5kW. Matched with the MX series motors it offers high-dynamic performance and high-precision with electronic nameplate to simplify configuration for machine solutions.