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Version 2_4_4_3935

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Compatible with:
MC464, MC405, MC403, MC224, PCI208, MC206(X), MC302X, MC302-K, Euro209, Euro205(x), MC216, MC204, MC202, MC2

A single programming interface that is scalable from single axis up to 64 axes of coordinated motion.

Motion PerfectMotion Perfect 2 is designed to make setup, diagnostics, commissioning and using our range of Motion Coordinators as simple as possible. It provides the user with an easy to understand Windows based interface for rapid application development, controller configuration and monitoring of controller processes.

For the latest downloadable version, the following NEW features have been added to increase speed of development on Trio controllers:

New Oscilloscope... New interface with increased ranges and parameters lists enables more data to be captured for analysis. X/Y display mode now available so you can check interpolated motion in 2d. New feature so you can plot Table points to the oscilloscope to check CAM profiles.

New and Improved Digital interface wizards... Speed up your drive commissioning with the new Panasonic drive configuration tool. The SERCOS configuration tool has been completely rewritten with additional drives supported, new drives can be easily added. Both the SLM and CANopen configuration tools have been enhanced.

New dialog for selecting communications links... The new dialogue enable simple control and configuration of your communication links.

TrioBASIC assist... The new Keyword assist speeds up programming by suggesting which keyword you may wish to use. Once you have selected your keyword the parameter assist details the parameters for the keyword. Together these enable you to speed up our programming by reducing keystrokes and time spend checking the manual for parameter lists.

Included with Motion Perfect 2 are...

Motion Perfect 2 Projects

One of the keys to using Motion Perfect 2 is its concept of a “Project”. The project aids the application design and development process, by providing a disk based copy of the multiple controller programs, parameters and data required for a single motion application. Once the user has defined a project, Motion Perfect 2 works behind the scenes automatically maintaining consistency between the programs on the controller and the files on the PC.

When creating or editing programs on the controller they are automatically duplicated on the PC which means you do not have to worry about loading or saving programs and you can be confident that next time you connect to a controller you will have the correct information on your PC.

Project Manager

The multi-tasking capability of Motion Coordinators means there will often be a number of different program files associated with an application. In order to keep track of these multiple files and their associated data a major component of the Motion Perfect 2 environment is the project manager.

  • Load and Save multiple programs as a single named project
  • Simultaneous saving of program files to both the PC and the Motion Coordinator
  • Verify contents of controller match the project file on disk
  • Load and Save controller variables and table memory to disk
  • Automatically generate controller “Startup” configuration files.
  • Axis Parameters
  • Spreadsheet style interface to monitor and set axis parameters
  • Automatically updates real time parameters
  • Support for all axis types (including virtual axes
  • Changes can be made while programs are running
  • User configured axis display and update rate

Axis Jog Screen

  • Jog axes forward/reverse with a mouse click
  • User defi ned axes - can include virtual axes
  • Set hardware jog inputs for each axis
  • User defined jog speed for each axis

Digital I/O Status

  • Display status of all I/O Channels simultaneously
  • Automatically confi gures to support all available I/O
  • Set outputs with a mouse click
  • I/O’s can be named and saved in Project

Screen Editor

  • Simultaneously edits both controller programs and a copy on disk - programs do not need to be downloaded after editing
  • Windows style editor with Cut, Copy & Paste - uses the Windows clipboard so information may be pasted between programs
  • Edit multiple programs simultaneously
  • Find & Replace
  • Jump directly to any line number or program label
  • View programs while they are running
  • Immediate line tokenisation
  • Context sensitive help

Software Oscilloscope

  • 4 channel storage software oscilloscope
  • Record and display information while programs are running
  • Display any of 23 axis parameters, analogue inputs, I/O channels or variables
  • Sample up to 1000 samples/sec on each channel
  • Manual / automatic scaling
  • Colour display of trace information
  Minimum Specification Recommendid Specification
OS Windows XP or Windows Vista Windows 7
CPU Pentium class processor, operating at 1GHz Pentium class processor, operating at 2GHz
RAM 256MB (Windows XP), 512MB (Windows Vista) 1GB (Windows7)
Hard Disk Space 20Mb 20Mb
Display 1024 x 768, 24bit colour 1024 x 768, 24bit colour
Communications Single RS232 Serial Port RS232 Serial Port, USB Port
Motion Perfect 2 is compatible with: MC464, MC403, MC405, MC224, PCI208, MC206(X), MC302X, MC302-L, MC302-K, Euro209, Euro205(x), MC216, MC204, MC202, MC2
  In the interest of continual software development, Motion Perfect 2 is likely to be updated on a regular basis. Please check to ensure you are using the latest version. In order that we can maintain the highest standard for our software, we would welcome your feedback and comments. Please email your comments to:

In some cases the installer may show "Error 1706". If this happens, please remove Motion Perfect 2 completely from the P.C. and re-install from scratch.
CAD2Motion CAD2Motion is a program designed to allow users to translate CAD generated two dimensional motion paths into TrioBASIC programs.
CamGen CamGen is easy to use as the most commonly used CAM shapes are pre-built, ready for you to enter the dimensions.
Project Encryptor Project Encryptor is a utility that enables a programmer’s intellectual property to be licenced to individual Motion Coordinators.
Autoloader A compact, self-contained package designed to allow simple distribution of projects written using Motion Perfect 2 .
Trio PCMotion The Trio ActiveX component provides a direct connection to the Trio Motion Coordinators.
Trio MCLoader Trio MCLoader is a Windows ActiveX control which can load projects (produced with Motion Prefect) and programs onto a Trio Motion Coordinator.
Trio Drivers Installer patch... (For use with Autoloader if Motion Perfect is NOT installed)