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Sales Overview

" Trio ROCKS!
I have to hand it to you guys----the products are great----robust---scalable---flexible---cost effective---and with great form factors...
Please pass it along to the folks at the home office---and if you have someone on the fence and need a customer for them to call, please give them my info.
Thanks again for the great products and outstanding support "

Jack Chopper– Filamatic, USA

" I have quite a lot of experience in motion control as I sold Compumotor, Digiplan and other products for many years in South Africa. For those of us who have spent our lives in motion control it is easy to forget that many new customers have no previous experience of motion control. To them it is just a word. However when all is said and done the Trio is probably the most powerful I have ever had my hands on."

Richard Colson – Total Motion Systems, UK

"Two new P730 modules were sent immediately by Express Delivery Service after my distributor made a call, was delivered to him the very same day. After that, he kindly sent them by a bus from Slovenia to Belgrade, Serbia. My delivery guy took them and brought them to the workshop in less than an hour. So, the modules were delivered in 36 hours after I made a request! They are now at the machine, working perfectly! I thank all of you guys so much for what I call the real support! "

Zeljko, Serbia

Trio support and salesWith offices in Tewkesbury (UK), Pittsburgh (USA), Pune (India) and Shanghai (China) Trio Motion Technology supplies it's entire product range worldwide via a network of fully supported distributors. Trio does not sell servo drives or motors, allowing you to choose Motors & Drives to best suit your requirements.

We believe in supporting rather than competing with our distributors and believe that the better the knowledge of the customer the better the end result. We train all of our distributors before they sell our products and we offer a comprehensive training program for customers.

We have a dedicated in-house design team that designs controls as solutions for customers. All our products are tested to international standards and the company holds ISO9001:2000 quality approval. Over the years we have introduced many innovations into the market.

Our products are available locally via our global network of distributors and drive specialists. Each offers local training and technical support.

We offer the very best technical support in the industry, and our customers regard our application and technical support capability very highly.