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Product No   Product Name Description  
P416   Additional Euro205x Stepper Axis Upgrade feature enable code for Euro205x
P800   CSC-DAC-M Single axis master controller.
P810   CSC-DAC-MX Single axis master controller.
P820   CSC-DAC-S1 Single axis slave controller.
P830   CSC-DAC-S2 Double axis slave controller.
P840   Input-16-D 16 opto-isolated digital inputs.
P850   Output-16-D 16 opto-isolated digital outputs.
P192   Motion Coordinator MC302X 1.5 axis, DIN rail Mounting
P870   8/8-IO 8 opto-isolated digital inputs/8 opto-isolated digital outputs.
P201   Enhanced Servo Encoder Daughter Daughter board for single analogue servo axis
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