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Product No   Product Name Description  
P399   MC206x Daughter Board Adapter Required to fit daughter boards in MC206x
P502   Mini-Membrane Keypad (24 VDC) Operator Interface 2 x 20 line display
P503   Membrane Keyboard (24 VDC) Operator Interface 4 x 20 line display
P730   Sigma II Sercos Interface SERCOS Interface for Yaskawa Sigma II Drives
P160   Motion Module Customisable Motion Coordinator for 1.5 axes
P180   Motion Coordinator PCI 208 Base Card PCI bus Motion Coordinator for 2-8 axes Motion Coordinator
P181   Motion Coordinator PCI 208 DIN rail breakout DIN rail mounting breakout board with disconnects
P184   4 Axis DAC board for PCI208 4 x +/-10v Outputs for analogue servo + 4 analog in
P185   8 Axis DAC board for PCI208 8 x +/-10v Outputs for analogue servo
P182   Additional PCI 208 Stepper Axis Upgrade feature enable code for PCI 208
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