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Membrane KeypadMotion Coordinator
Not In Production


  • Enhanced machine appearance
  • Simplified wiring
  • Crystal Clear vacuum fluorescent display
  • 4 lines x 20 characters
  • Network up to 15 displays and/or controllers
  • Programmable to suit machine
  • Noise free fibre optic link to Motion Coordinator

The Trio membrane keypad is a single unit which brings together all the elements required for an effective man machine interface in one package. This minimises the time taken to mount and connect to other Trio Motion technology control system products.

The unit consists of an IP65 keypad featuring 37 tactile keys, eight of which can be defined by the user and identified by inserting key legends from the rear of the keypad. Incorporated into the units is a four line by twenty character, vacuum fluorescent display.

Connection to the control system is via a fibre-optic cable to the Master Controller. The interfacing is handled by dedicated built-in network interface software. The only other connection necessary is for the power supply.

Not recommended for new projects.

See the UNIPLAY HMI for new projects.

Size 230mm x 180mm x 50mm
Weight 1.450 kg
Operating Temperature 0-45 degrees C
Power Supply 24 VDC 500mA
Number of keys 37
Type of Keys Metal dome tactile, debounced
Display 4 x 20 Vacuum Fluorescent, with anti-glare filter
Environmental Sealed to IP65, provided mating face to panel is sealed
Material Polyester top layer resistant to most solvents

UNIPLAY HMI Keypad Emulator

P845 - 7"
P846 - 10"

The UNIPLAY HMI Keypad Emulator allows the older P502 and P503 membrane keypads to be replaced with this UNIPLAY HMI running a special keypad emulation application.

Data Sheet

The P436 RS232 Fibre-Optic Adaptor (sold seperately) is required for the P845 / P846 HMI to function with the Motion Coordinator.

1. Software configurable to emulate the P502 or P503 layout.
2. Software configurable function key text for P503 emulation.
3. The panel cutout is a different size to the P502 / P503.
4. The Uniplay is based on Windows CE technology and has a longer boot up time than the P502 / P503. So a delay relay might be needed to power up the controller after the display has powered up.
5. The P845 / P846 do not support the Trio Fibre-Optic Network mode. Single controller to single HMI only.


RS232 Fibre-Optic Adaptor (P436)

This adapter is designed to plug into serial port on the Trio UNIPLAY HMI Keypad Emulator (P845 / P846) and convert the serial RS232 data to light data which can be transmitted along a polymer optical fibre to the Motion Coordinator.

Packaged with USB cable for powering the device.
Fibre-Optic cables (P505, P510, P530) sold separately.

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Data Sheet  
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The Technical Reference Manual can be downloaded in full or as separate sections. All in PDF format
Technical Reference Manual (chapter 5)