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CAN Analogue InputsCAN Module
Not In Production

P325The CAN Analogue module offers a compact DIN rail mounted analogue input capability CAN Analogue for Trio Motion Coordinators.

Each module provides 8 channels of 12-bit analogue inputs (+/-10v). Up to 4 modules may be connected to the CAN link which may be up to 100m long, considerably reducing machine wiring.

Not recommended for new projects.

Inputs 8 + / -10 Volt inputs with 500V isolation from CAN bus (5.08mm terminal pitch)
Resolution 12 bit
Protection Inputs are protected against 24V over Voltage
Address Setting Via DIP switches
Power Supply 24v / 1.5w
Mounting DIN rail mount
Size 95mm wide x 45mm deep x 105 mm high
Weight 200g
CAN 500kHz, Up to 32 analogue input channels
EMC BSEN50082-2 (1995) Industrial Noise Immunity / BS EN55022 (1995) Class A Industrial Noise Emissions
Data Sheet All CAN Modules
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The Technical Reference Manual can be downloaded in full or as separate sections. All in PDF format
I-O Expansion Modules (chapter 5) (383kb)