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Product Overview

Trio Motion Technology’s range of motion controllers, Expansion Modules, EtherCAT devices, I/O modules and keypads are designed to enable the control of industrial machines with the minimum of external components. In many applications, Trio’s range can be combined to build a control system capable of driving a multi axis machine and all its auxiliary equipment.

The Motion Coordinator system allows you to control up to 128 servo or stepper motors with Digital I/O and additional equipment such as HMI's all controlled from a single master. Systems may be used with a stand alone program or alternatively commands can be sent from an external computer.


The Motion Coordinator system is extremely modular, allowing the user to tailor the controller to their specific needs, this also allows the flexibility to incorporate new modules if the need should change, making the system “future proof”.


All Motion Coordinators, whether PCI, panel mount, rack mount, DIN rail mount or a custom design format, incorporate a CANbus interface to allow for digital or analogue I/O expansion with Trio’s I/O modules. Special I/O requirements can also be accommodated using the CANopen protocol to control third party I/O modules.

Flexslice System

The EtherCAT Flexslice System is designed to let you do more! It offers fast flexible expansion for motion applications and can be used with Trio or 3rd Party Masters and provide a robust, high speed and flexible solution for both motion control and general automation.

Trio’s range of operator interface units provide a robust and functional HMI using the Trio fibre-optic network system. Third party HMI products, touchscreens etc., can communicate to the Motion Coordinator via the Modbus RTU serial protocol.

Possible System based arounD trio Motion Coordinators

System based arounD trio Motion Coordinators