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MC216Motion Coordinator
Not In Production : Suggested Alternative : MC464


  • Interpolates up to 16 axes in any combination.
  • Advanced Multi-tasking TrioBASIC with up to 14 simultaneous processes.
  • CAN Bus Networking
  • Compatible with all Trio Daughter Board interfaces.
  • Fully integrates with Motion Perfect

MC216 motion coordinatorThe Motion Coordinator MC216 provides the flexibility of Trio's daughter board concept in a low-cost format. Using a high speed 32-bit DSP processor it provides up to 16 axes of servo or stepper control.

Each axis may run moves using linear, circular or helical interpolation, electronic cams and gearboxes. Support is provided for continuously rotating machinery and the daughter boards feature accurate hardware registration.

I/O expansion is provided via a built-in CAN Bus interface. Further
CAN networks for controlling suitable servo can drives are supported
via the CAN daughter board.

System Flexibility Axes Controlled up to 16
  Any Servo / Stepper Combination 1 Encoderonly + 4 stepper or servo + encoder
  Daughter Board slots 4
  Digital Signal Processor 120MHz
Programming Multi-Tasking TrioBASIC yes
  Number of Simultaneous Programs 18
  Motion Perfect Windows Software yes
  Stand-Alone or computer controlled yes
  Permanent Flash EPROM for program storage yes
  Available memory for user programs 256k
  Non-volatile global variables 1024
  User table memory 32,000
  Accurate and fast real number mathematics yes
  Program Trace Debugger yes
  Named Constants and variables yes
  TrioBASIC extensions -
Motion Functions Comprehensive Range of Motion Commands yes
  Cam Profiles yes
  Software gearbox, Clutches etc yes
  Acceleration/Deceleration & S-Ramp Controls yes
  5 Term Control yes
  Max Interpolated Axes 4
  Hardware Position Capture (Registration) 1us
Interfaces RS232 Serial Ports 2
  RS-485 1
  Fibre Optic port 1
  Modbus RTU yes
  USB programming port 1
  DeviceNet Slave yes
  Profibus DP Slave optional
  Opto-Isolated Inputs 8
  Assignable Isolated Input/Outputs 8
  CAN Bus I/O Capability yes
  Max Input / Output Expansion Channels 256
  I/O Status LED's yes
  Electronic Current Limit on All I/O Channels yes
  Watchdog status indication yes
  CAN Analogue Inputs Capability yes
  Real Time Clock no
Packaging Module case style Book case
  Module size (H x W x D) 263 x 68 x 197mm
  CE marked for EMC yes
  Screw Terminals For Ease of Connection yes (5.08mm terminal pitch)
  24VDC Power Supply Input yes
  5v DC Output for Incremental Encoders yes
Approval CE approved Yes
RS232 serial Cable (P350)

Provides 4 +/-10V, 16 Bit outputs for the P180 (PCI 208).  Includes 4 x 0-10V analogue inputs 12 Bit.

CAN 16 I/O (P316)

DIN rail mounted module with 16 x 24V opto-isolated bi-directional I/O. Connect up to 16 modules over distances up to 100m

CAN 8 Analogue Inputs (P325) DIN rail mounted module with 8 x 12 bit +/-10V analogue inputs. Connect up to 4 modules over distances up to 100m
All Daughter Boards
MC216 Firmware Click on the left to download the latest firmware. NB: You are required to be logged on.
Motion Perfect Motion Perfect is designed to make setup, diagnostics, commissioning and using our range of Motion Coordinators as simple as possible. It provides the user with an easy to understand Windows based interface for rapid application development, controller configuration and monitoring of controller processes
CAD2Motion CAD2Motion is a program designed to allow users to translate CAD generated two dimensional motion paths into TrioBASIC programs.
CamGen CamGen is easy to use as the most commonly used CAM shapes are pre-built, ready for you to enter the dimensions.
DocMaker DocMaker analyses the content of the program files in a project.
Project Encryptor Project Encryptor is a utility that enables a programmer’s intellectual property to be licenced to individual Motion Coordinators.
Autoloader A compact, self-contained package designed to allow simple distribution of projects written using Motion Perfect.
TrioPC Motion The Trio ActiveX component provides a direct connection to the Trio Motion Coordinators.
TrioMC Loader Trio MCLoader is a Windows ActiveX control which can load projects (produced with Motion Prefect) and programs onto a Trio Motion Coordinator.


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The Technical Reference Manual can be downloaded in full or as separate sections. All in PDF format
MC216 Manual