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SercosExpansion Module


  • Based on Sercon 816 ASIC
  • Maximum of 250uS update rate
  • 4, 8, 16 MBit/S network speed
  • 9mm FSMA Connector
  • Ring Topology
  • 4 LED Status indicators including RING STATUS
  • Each module has 8 registration inputs with 100nsec resolution
  • Choice of Drive based or Master based registration


Module range

Sercos expansion moduleTrio's sercos support has been designed from the ground up to uniquely fulfil the needs of your customers, and to meet all their automation control requirements. Using sercos will enable you to answer those questions, and resolve those issues which occur time after time as you put forward your proposal, win the contract and deliver upon your promises.

Servo drives from a wide variety of sercos compatible manufacturers can be connected via the fibre-optic ring.

The Motion Coordinator software allows for configuration of the servo drives, reading and writing drive parameters, and running cyclically in speed or position modes. Each module is configured with 2 servo axes. Additional axes can be enabled using “Feature Enable Codes".

Baud rate and light intensity are software configurable, and standard drive profiles can be selected through Motion Perfect.

Network sercos
Network Speed 4, 8 or 16Mbps
Topology Ring
Max Slaves per Interface Ring 16
Max Interfaces per MC664 7
Max Axes per MC664 64
Cable Fibre-optic
Bus to MC664 32 Bit
Interpolated time based registration 8 x 24V inputs
Remote registration Y
Optically Isolated registration Inputs Y
Map Any I/O to Any Axis Y
Axis Feature Enable Codes P701, P702, P704, P708, P716, P732
RoHs Compliant
Data Sheet  
View Application Notes Technical notes
Quick Start Guide Simple set up guide (covers all expansion modules)

Package Drawings

Drawings are available in the following formats: DXF, IGES, DWG, STEP and SolidWorks.
These files are included in the Zip file below.
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The Technical Reference Manual can be downloaded in full or as separate sections. All in PDF format
Expansion Modules (chapter 3) (1.9MB)