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FlexAxisExpansion Module


  • Up to 8 axes per module
  • Up to 24 axes per MC664
  • Flexible dual registration inputs on all axes (max 8 / unit)
  • Up to 3 modules per MC664
  • 32Bus to MC664


Module range

FlexAxis expansion moduleFor use with Stepper, Analogue Servo & Piezo motors with support available for SSI / EnDat / Tamagawa Absolute encoders.

Standard FlexAxis Interface modules are available in 4 axis (P879) and 8 axis (P874) versions. An 8 axis SSI absolute encoder version (P881) is available as a special order.

    P874 P879 P881

Core = Pulse/direction and Incremental Encoder functionality.

Extended = core + Absolute + Servo functionality

AS = Analogue 'closed loop' Servo using built-in ±10V analogue output.

See Configuration Key for more details.

Axis 0 Core+AS Core+AS Core+AS+SSI
Axis 1 Core+AS Core+AS Core+AS+SSI
Axis 2 Core+AS Extended+AS Core+AS+SSI
Axis 3 Core+AS Extended+AS Core+AS+SSI
Axis 4 Extended+AS   Core+AS+SSI
Axis 5 Extended+AS   Core+AS+SSI
Axis 6 Extended+AS   Core+AS+SSI
Axis 7 Extended+AS   Core+AS+SSI
Max servo or stepper axes   8 4 8
Max encoder inputs (6MHz edge rate) - Opto isolated RS422 line receiver   8 4 8
Max pulse/dir stepper or enc outputs (2MHz) - Opto isolated RS422 line drive   8 4 8
Number of 16 Bit DAC Outputs   8 4 8
Max SSI Absolute Encoder Axes   4 2 8
Max EnDat Absolute Encoder Axes   4 2 0
Max Tamagawa Absolute Encoder Axes   4 2 0
RoHs   Compliant Compliant Compliant
Core functionality

CORE AXES – can be configured in software as pulse and direction outputs with stepper or servo drives. They can also be configured for incremental encoder feedback.

Core functionality is a set of ATYPEs (Axis TYPEs) that are available on all controllers. They are based on pulse outputs and incremental encoder feedback.

ATYPE Description
43 Pulse and direction output with enable output
45 Quadrature encoder output with enable output
63 Pulse and direction output with Z input
64 Quadrature encoder output with Z input
76 Incremental encoder with Z input
78 Pulse and direction with VFF_GAIN and enable output 1
Extended functionality

EXTENDED AXES – in addition to the Core functionality these axes can also be configured for absolute encoders and closed loop servos (requires voltage output).

Only axes marked as AS have an analogue output and can be used for closed loop control.
All Extended Axes can use these ATYPE's as feedback.
If you want to just use the feedback and not complete a closed loop servo system set SERVO = OFF

ATYPE Description
30 Analogue feedback Servo
44 Incremental encoder Servo with Z input
46 Tamagawa absolute Servo
47 Endat absolute Servo
48 SSI absolute Servo
60 Pulse and direction feedback Servo with Z input
77 Incremental encoder Servo with enable output


Data Sheet  
View Application Notes Technical notes
Quick Start Guide Simple set up guide (covers all expansion modules)
Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide For FlexAxis Splitter Cable (P381)

Package Drawings

Drawings are available in the following formats: DXF, IGES, DWG, STEP and SolidWorks.
These files are included in the Zip file below.
Download Zip file  


The Technical Reference Manual can be downloaded in full or as separate sections. All in PDF format
Expansion Modules (chapter 3) (1.9MB)  


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