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EtherCATExpansion Module


  • 8 Registration inputs repeatable to 100nS per module
  • Drive parameters setup from the controller
  • Position Set point update 0.125mS
  • RJ45 Connector
  • 4 LED status indicators


Module range

P876 EtherCAT Expansion ModuleEtherCAT sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility, whilst meeting or under cutting other fieldbus cost levels.

P876 EtherCAT master module enables the MC464 Motion Coordinator to enter a very exclusive club offering an independent, standalone EtherCAT master for motion control; this arrangement enables up to 64 axes of any manufacturers' EtherCAT-compatible drives and motors - or other devices - to be controlled. The module comes with 2 axes enabled. Further axes can be enabled with ‘Feature Enable Codes’.

Every axis can be programmed to move using linear, circular or helical interpolation, electronic cams and gearboxes. Features include support for merging multiple moves that are typically generated by CAD/CAM software, plus support is provided for continuously rotating machinery. EtherCAT also offers the major advantage of high-precision device synchronisation.




Trio support a growing number of devices and continue to add to the list. If your device is not on the list, please contact Trio.

Devices Supported (For Preferred Drives Partners, click logos below)

Company Drive Encoder I/O Device
Advance Motion Controls DP - DZ    
Bachmann     Bachmann slv
Balluff     Balluff BTL7
Baumer   Encoder 2, 4 & 10byte  
Baumer Thalheim   ATD2, ATD4 & POE  
Baumueller bmaXX 4400    
Beckhoff AX2000 EP5101 EL6752, EL1088
Control Techniques Digitax, Unidrive SP    
Copley Drives Xenus+, Accelnet+    
Delta ASDA A2 E    
Deutshmann     Unigate IC
Dunkermotoren BGxx    
Eltromat     ELTROMAT RSH
Elmo ELMO Drive    
ESR Pollmeier Midi Drive, Trio Drive    
ESItron  ESImotor    
Estun ProNet    
Festo     CPX-FB38
Grossenbacher     GESYS MEC
Hilscher     NETX_IO
Infranor XtraplusPak    
Imficon     INFICON PG
Jenny Science Xenax    
KEB KEB 1648F5    
Kuebler MT-5868 Encoder    
Kuhnke     694_400
Kollmorgen S700    
Kollmorgen / Danaher AKD    
Lenze i700 & 8400   IOSystem 1000
LinMot E1250-EC    
LTi Drives ServoOne, ServoOne Junior    
LS Mecapion L7N    
Maxon Motor EPOS3    
Metronix ARS2000    
Mitsubishi MR_J3_A    
MKS Intruments TEMPO VALVE    
Moog  MSD, MSD Compact, Animatics    
MURR Elektronik     IMPACT 20, IMPACT 67
Nanotec Electronics N10    
National Instruments     9144
Omron MX2 inverter, G5 Servo GXEC0211, GXEC0241 GRT-ECT I/O
Panasonic MINAS A5   NW Sensor
Phase Motor Control AxM-II Series    
Sanyo Denki RS2    
Schneider Electric LXM32M    
Sick     Inspector
SMC     EX260, EX600
Stober Posidrive    
TR-Electronic   Linear and rotary encoders  
VIPA     053
Wenglor Sensor     OCP, ZAC50
WAGO     750-354
Yaskawa Sigma V    

If your device is not yet supported, please contact Trio.

Network EtherCAT
Network Speed 100Mbps
Topology Chain
Max Slaves per Interface 64
Max Interfaces per MC464 7
Max Axes per MC464 64
Cable STP Cat 5-e or Better
Bus to MC464 32 Bit
Registration Inputs 8 x 24V Inputs
Optically Isolated registration Inputs Y
Map Any I/O to Any Axis Y
Axis Feature Enable Codes P701, P702, P704, P708, P716, P732
RoHs Compliant

EtherCAT logo  Specification

Speed 100Mbps
Physical Layer 100BASE-TX full duplex (IEEE 802.3)
Cable Shielded Twisted Pair (TIA/EIA-568B CAT5e)
Topology Line, tree or star (1)
Isolation Pulse transformer with common-mode choke
Connector RJ45
Cable Length 100m max between nodes
Cyclic period 500 µsec, 1000 µsec or 2000 µsec
Synchronisation Distributed Clocks technology.  Jitter < 1 µsec
Protocol CoE, SoE (2)
Number of Axes 32 (MC4N)  64 (MC464+P876)
Number of Nodes 128 slave nodes maximum
Motion modes Cyclic Synchronous Position, Cyclic Synchronous Velocity, Cyclic Synchronous Torque
Parameter transfer CoE Object read/write.  SoE IDN read/write
Input/Output Up to 1000 input bits and 1000 output bits

(1) Tree and star require the use of EtherCAT switches.

(2) CanOpen application protocol over EtherCAT. (CoE)
Servo drive profile according to IEC 61491 over EtherCAT. (SoE)


Data Sheet  
View Application Notes Technical notes
Quick Start Guide Simple set up guide (covers all expansion modules)

Package Drawings

Drawings are available in the following formats: DXF, IGES, DWG, STEP and SolidWorks.
These files are included in the Zip file below.
Download Zip file  


The Technical Reference Manual can be downloaded in full or as separate sections. All in PDF format
MC464 Expansion Modules (chapter 3) (1.9MB)  
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