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Hardware Evaluation Kit

Why not put us to the test, and try it with our money saving starter kits?

In today’s busy world when you have to make something in your machine move you need to make sure that you can achieve success quickly and with the minimum amount of hassle.

We think that this will be that last motion control platform you will ever need to learn!

Today there are many routes into motion control and many companies have diversified and added motion control features into their offerings. With Trio you are in safe hands and we pride ourselves on offering unrivalled experience and functionality, offering you the peace of mind to standardise on our motion control platform with confidence. Our products are supported worldwide through our factory trained, experienced and capable distributors.

Why not experience motion control how it should be? Simple and easy allowing you to focus on what needs to be done to achieve your success.

The MC206X Motion Coordinator is based on Trio’s high-performance 32-bit floating point DSP technology, providing exceptionally fast computational speed, flexibility, and connectivity. Advanced FPGA techniques enable 4 axes of stepper and servo circuitry plus a master encoder input to be enclosed in a compact DIN-rail mounted package. An expansion connector is incorporated to add a fifth axis, or any other optional Daughter Board. A further 8 axes may be provided using a SERCOS Daughter Board.

Motion Perfect 2 is designed to be used in conjunction with Trio’s Motion Coordinator range of multi-tasking motion controllers. It provides the user with an easy to understand Windows based interface for rapid application development, controller confi guration and monitoring of controller processes.

One of the keys to using Motion Perfect 2 is its concept of a “Project”. The project aids the application design and development process, by providing a disk based copy of the multiple controller programs, parameters and data required for a single motion application. Once the user has defined a project, Motion Perfect 2 works behind the scenes automatically maintaining consistency between the programs on the controller and the files on the PC. When creating or editing programs on the controller they are automatically duplicated on the PC which means you do not have to worry about loading or saving programs and you can be confident that next time you connect to a controller you will have the correct information on your PC.

Put us to the test...

If you are new to Trio Motion and would like to test the benefits that the system offers then purchase our evaluation kit. This is a kit of all items required to evaluate our controller and software. The kit includes:

1 off MC206X Motion controller (Configurable to suit your requirement)
1 off RS232 Serial Cable 2m (mini-DIN to 9pin D female)
1 off SD Card Adapter
1 off Technical reference manual
1 off 1GB Micro SD Memory card
1 off Motion Perfect and Support Software

See what you think for yourself. Save up to 39% off the list price of the controller, and select the system that best suits your needs.

Part No. Quantity Description List Price Special Saving
Single Axis Base Kit £1,022.00 £627.00 39%
2 Axis Servo Kit £1,284.00 £813.00 37%
3 Axis Servo Kit £1,546.00 £999.00 35%
4 Axis Servo Kit £1,808.00 £1,185.00 34%
2 Axis Stepper Kit £1,120.00 £697.00 38%
3 Axis Stepper Kit £1,218.00 £767.00 37%
4 Axis Stepper Kit £1,316.00 £837.00 36%

Or if you have a specific test in mind for the application then create a custom version for evaluation.

Part No. Quantity Description List Price Special Saving
Single Axis Base Kit £1022.00 £627.00 39%
MC206X Additional Servo Axis £262.00 £186.00 29%
MC206X Additional Differential Stepper £98.00 £70.00 29%
MC206X Additional Reference Encoder £98.00 £70.00 29%

Configuration limits exist: The total number of stepper or servo axis on the MC206X should not exceed 4. The base kit includes 1 configurable stepper or servo axis. Additional axis are added using multiple P390 or P395 axis. When using 4 servo axis 1 additional reference encoder can be used. When using stepper axis with encoder feedback, the maximum axis count is 2 and 1 additional reference encoder can be used.

This offer is valid for new customers only. It is limited to one per customer. Customer details will be collected and you may be contacted so that we can evaluate the effectiveness of this program.