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Comms Interfaces


Trio's Ethernet daughter board enables local or remote access using the popular 10-baseT standard. Connection is via a standard RJ45 connector on the front of the daughter board which has connection and activity LEDs to aid commissioning. Ethernet’s standard features allow speedy connection to a factory network, office network or even the internet. An Ethernet connection to the Motion Coordinator gives access to the command line via a Telnet/TCP connection, allows Motion Perfect to be connected remotely, enables a remote PC to run motion programs using the TrioPC ActiveX component and provides a high speed link to a device like an HMI running Modbus TCP.


Every Motion Coordinator now has the Modbus RTU protocol available as standard on at least one serial port. Modbus provides single point to point communication between a programmable keypad/display and the Motion Coordinator. The keypad has access to all the internal global variables within the Motion Coordinator and numbers can be transferred in or out using 16 bit, 32 bit or IEEE floating point formats. As the keypad is the bus master, it can access one Motion Coordinator over RS232 or multiple Motion Coordinators using RS422/RS485. Baud rate and slave address are set in the TrioBASIC program during serial port initialisation.


As a standard option, the built-in CAN port works as a slave device on the DeviceNet network. The Motion Coordinator supports Explicit Messages of the predefined master/slave connection set and Polled I/O, which allows the DeviceNet master to send 4 integer variables to and to read 16 integer variables from the Motion Coordinator. These values are mapped directly to global variables in the Motion Coordinator and in addition the explicit messaging can be used to read or write any global or table data value.


A USB port is built in to the MC206X and the MC224. For the Euro205x, a USB adapter daughter board is available as an optional extra. USB allows convenient connection to a PC for use with Motion Perfect or a Windows application via the TrioPC OCX control. For improved noise immunity, Trio can supply a filtered 1.5m long USB cable, part number P361.


Motion Coordinator range has integrated support for DS301, DSP401, CanOpen I/O Modules and DSP402, CANopen Servodrive protocol. Motion Perfect has a setup wizard for compatible CANopen DSP402 drives and support for 3rd party CANopen I/O modules. Please contact Trio for a list of DSP401/DSP402 compatible 3rd party hardware.


The Profibus Daughter Board allows the Motion Coordinator to be connected to a Profibus DP network. Data transfer between the Profibus master and the Motion Coordinator uses cyclic data transfer which can handle up to 16 signed words in and 16 signed words out of the global memory area. Cable and connections are straight-forward due to the 2 wire RS485 technology that Profibus uses at the physical layer. Auto baud rate detection is supported up to 12Mbaud and the Profibus master is set up using the GSD file provided by Trio.