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Motion Perfect v4


  • Motion Perfect v4

    Adding another dimension

  • 3D...Visualisation

    Machines... Robots... Live 3D motion

  • 3D...Scope

    Visualise your scope trace in 3 dimensions... Rotate, pan, zoom in XYZ


    New custom styles and functions

  • CamGen

    Drag-and-drop points to create smooth motion curves

  • Best of all...

    It's FREE and available NOW!

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About Trio...

Trio Motion Technology is a specialised source of high performance motion control technology.

We manufacture flexible and economical solutions for motion control applications, enabling control of complex high speed automation and machine control in most industries throughout the world.

Our comprehensive range motion controllers branded Motion Coordinators allows seamless control of 1 to 128 axes of servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors or hydraulic systems. Our flexible, modular controller range uses a common user interface and standard programming language; TrioBASIC.

We design customised solutions for OEMs, manufacture motion control options for globally available drives and license designs and technology to a number of automation companies.

Our products are available locally via our global network of distributors and drive specialists. Each offers local training and technical support.

What Others Say About Trio

“When a customer asks me, why use Trio? I say, if you have you wouldn’t be asking me.”

Matt Sim

ISTECH Automation, USA
We are all very impressed with your response and implementation, and it suits our application perfectly. After looking for work-arounds for the last two days, it only took 30 minutes to understand, implement and test the two functions which certainly tells me you have designed a very intelligent and intuitive system.


Yangebup, Australia
Tony, Your help and timely response was crucial to getting this job done, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. This is my first real application with Trio, and although it wasn't a very complicated job I needed it to go quickly to meet the delivery. Everything about this controller was perfect for the application and the software was very simple to work with. Trio will get my vote for future applications where applicable. Thanks again, great first experience and excellent customer support.

Steve Veremeychik

The machine ran 460 labels/minute, with a speed of app. 58 m/mins, easily within the precision-requirements of the customer - This is actually 50% faster then needed!

Nicolai Hanssing

Delta Elektronik A/S
The performance of MC405 it's incredible, we have increased the machine speed and the control of the drive has more accuracy compared to the Euro205.

Lamieri Riccardo

I have to hand it to you guys----the products are great----robust---scalable---flexible---cost effective---and with great form factors...
Please pass it along to the folks at the home office---and if you have someone on the fence and need a customer for them to call, please give them my info.
Thanks again for the great products and outstanding support

Jack Chopper

Filamatic, USA
Two new P730 modules were sent immediately by Express Delivery Service after my distributor made a call, was delivered to him the very same day. After that, he kindly sent them by a bus from Slovenia to Belgrade, Serbia. My delivery guy took them and brought them to the workshop in less than an hour. So, the modules were delivered in 36 hours after I made a request! They are now at the machine, working perfectly! I thank all of you guys so much for what I call the real support!



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 Snippets from Trio...





Join Intek Systems in Kersey, PA for a one-day event to showcase the quality automation products that Intek and its partners have to offer. More than 15 manufacturers will be there to demonstrate the latest innovations, including Trio. The day will also include mini sessions by several manufacturers on their latest technology solutions to improve your processes.

More information can be found here.





Trio held its USA conference in Galveston following on from the Chinese and European distributor conferences. All the events were well attended (over 90 distributors) and topics ranged from future hardware to Motion Perfect enhancements.

We hope to see you all again at the next round of conferences!





Korean distributor, Servomtech, are exhibiting at the 2016 Motion Control Show in Korea form 26 - 28 April, stand V301.  Click here for our exhibitions page.




Make In India Week...

Thousands of people and lion mascots attended the "Make in India" exhibition (13-18th Feb 2016) to attract foreign direct investment.

“It is an opportunity for all firms to showcase their manufacturing prowess, and will see participation of all international companies that have export hubs in India,” a senior government official said.

This big opportunity was provided by one of the big brands in the Indian market. A total Six 5 axes articulated robots were displayed . The software controlling the robots was written by the Trio India application team.




Semcon 2016, Korea...
Our distributor in Korea, Servomtech, is participating at the Semcon exhibition.

Visit the exhibition website here.




SPS/Nuremburg Germany...
We are up and running at SPS. We are on stand 3-449 (the same as last year) and are showing an enhanced range of products and software.

Visit our exhibition page or click here to visit the SPS Show site.




Readers Award...
Trio is selected in the top 5 by readers of Control Design magazine as their Motion Controller of choice. Each year, Control Design asks its readers which suppliers are their go-to sources for myriad product categories, including motion.

MCMA logo

Control Design Magazine can be found here...




Trio is now a member of the MCMA (Motion Control Trade Association)
MCMA logo

The MCMA was developed to advance the global understanding and use of motion control and related automation technologies and to help members and the industry grow.